Sawdust Charcoal In General – Production and Specification

  1. What is sawdust BBQ charcoal?

Sawdust BBQ charcoal is charcoal made from 100% natural fresh wood sawdust, produced by a modern technological process to create sawdust charcoal with the following characteristics:

– No smoke, no explosion, no toxic.

– Long lasting, burns thoroughly, little ash

– High heat

– Easy to catch fire, easy to ignite coal.

Sawdust briquette charcoal

  1. Why should you use sawdust BBQ charcoal for grilling?

Sawdust BBQ charcoal is commonly used for grilling, present in luxury as well as popular grill restaurant chains for the following reasons:

– Economically: Sawdust charcoal has a low price, suitable for all users: individuals and business units from affordable to high-end. With a long burning time, a lot of raw materials can be saved.

– Regarding to space in use: due to its smokeless and non-explosive properties, it is suitable for grilling both outdoors or in closed rooms. Clean charcoal from fresh wood sawdust does not produce sulfur gas, so it keeps the surrounding air fresh, creating a clean, well-ventilated environment for users to enjoy their meals.

– Simple to use: igniting charcoal is easy and quick with familiar burning objects such as torches, firewood, matches, paper… There are charcoal tongs that don’t make your hands dirty.

– Safe: Sawdust BBQ charcoal is of natural origin, non-chemical, non-toxic. When burning coal, it does not produce odor, smoke, or explode, so it is very safe for users. Because clean coal does not produce smoke or create toxic substances, food does not absorb toxic gases and does not affect health.

– Regarding to aesthetics: Charcoal is boxed neatly and cleanly

– Easy storage: Charcoal is light in weight and compactly packed so it doesn’t take up much space. Store in a dry place.

  1. Where Sawdust Charcoal is used.

Sawdust charcoal is the most popular charcoal for BBQ grilling in Korea, Japan, Greece and Turkey… Manufactured from 100% natural sawdust in craft villages, pressed into bars of uniform size, then burned into charcoal and cooled. Red-burning charcoal products are the final step so they are free of impurities and have a high carbon content, fixed at 85-88%. Unlike coal or coke, sawdust charcoal used in cooking is safer and cleaner because it is odorless, smokeless and does not create sparks when burned.

  1. Technical characteristics of sawdust charcoal
  • Shape: Square sawdust charcoal or hexagonal sawdust charcoal
  • Size: diameter 3.8 cm, length 10 -27 cm
  • Completely smokeless and odorless
  • Total heat: 7000 -7800 Kcal/kg
  • Total humidity: <10%
  • Fixed Carbon content: 85-88%
  • Ash content: < 4%
  • Burning time: more than 4 hours

  1. Sawdust Charcoal production process
  • Choose clean sawdust raw materials,
  • Remove impurities (metal impurities, gravel…), dust and dirt
  • Sawdust is dried to 0% moisture content
  • Sawdust goes through a molding machine system into sawdust billets (sawdust bars)
  • The sawdust bars are neatly stacked and transferred into the furnace to undergo the carbonization process for 10 – 15 days at a temperature of 700 – 800 degrees Celsius under anaerobic conditions.
  • Sawdust charcoal leaves the kiln and is naturally cooled in 2 days
  • Sawdust charcoal is tested for quality to meet 5 criteria: no smoke, no odor, no spark explosion, burning time reaches 4 hours, burning temperature from 800 degrees Celsius will be sent to packaging along the line.

  1. Packing sawdust charcoal
  • Use standard 5-layer cartons to pack sawdust charcoal. Charcoal is packed in a plastic bag with a desiccant package (as suggested by the importer if necessary).
  • Pack sawdust charcoal boxes with weight: 5kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg according to customer requirements
  • Packaging and labeling of sawdust carton boxes: printed according to order requirements.


  • Keep charcoal and sawdust in a dry place, avoid humid environments
  • Do not use sawdust charcoal in the microwave
  • Do not place charcoal or sawdust near a fire, which can cause a fire

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