Welcome to our designs for your working desk decoration made from wood.

We are truly sorry that all designs have not uploaded fully to this page, please access this LINK for finding all of our products. Thank you very much.


1. Products for export are made from wood of the best quality and can last 2-3 years of use under normal conditions.
2. Products can be customized according to customers’ ideas, designs and dimensions.
3. Product prices will vary depending on the complexity of the design, wood quality, product quantity and payment conditions, delivery, and destination port. Please contact us to exchange information and get the best price.

4. Payment: T/T, L/C to be negotiated.

Please save the Product Codes that you are interested in and send them to us via email / WhatsApp for getting the best quotation.

Email: toannd@ecc-vn.com

WhatsApp: +84 985 336 248

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